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Updated: May 23

Entrepreneurs are adventurers.

When I paused this venture a couple of years ago, I was feeling called back from the wild to the familiar. I returned to the traditional workplace and served two amazing organizations. I learned so much about myself personally and professionally. Along the way, I felt my intuition calling me somewhere else. I couldn’t pinpoint the destination, but I kept listening.

During this odd and uncertain certain time, I found myself at a fork in the road. The first path was predictable and comfortable, but my motivation to walk it was fear. It was littered with reliance on others and guardrails that might hold me back. The second path was uncertain and full of surprises. I found myself curious about the possibilities that might lay ahead. I felt complete trust in myself and a sense of fearlessness. I decided to take a few steps down that road, and here we are.

The adventure continues.

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