Case Study - O'Side Turkey Trot 2021

case study Mar 15, 2022


In the fall of last year, a LinkedIn post caught my attention. The O’Side Turkey Trot was in need of a new public relations partner for their first in-person event since the start of the pandemic. I quickly sent legendary race director Kathy Kinane a request to connect. A moment or two later, an email hit my inbox from a familiar face: Bryce Whiting over at ElliptiGO. Bryce had seen the same post and was kindly offering to make an introduction. I took him up on the offer. (Thank you again, BW!)

Upon my first meeting with Kathy, her incredible professionalism, confidence, and expertise were easy to see. She had a series of great questions ready for me, vetting my ability to help her event which has been a Turkey Day staple in North San Diego for more than 15 years.

Kathy was kind enough to trust me with the task of publicizing the 16th annual O’Side Turkey Trot, and we got to work right away.

My PR Podium package was the perfect fit for Kathy’s needs, but, just like with every client, I created those key deliverables with her unique goals in mind. Those focuses included:

  • Making our inspiring, long-time participants the main characters of our storytelling
  • Highlighting inclusivity of all paces and ages, as well as emphasizing family and group participation
  • Ensuring that our key messages around life-long, healthy movement and activity came across in every piece of outreach

Through press releases, media pitching, and other communications support, Treat PR made big waves for this beachfront event. Some of the key opportunities I secured included:

I was so thrilled to support Kathy in person on race day. While providing media with a fantastic experience was my main objective, I was helping with anything else I could. Whenever I assist clients in-person on race day, I come prepared to wear any hat needed – assembling media kits, coordinating interviews, picking up trash, directing traffic and so much more.

When I asked Kathy about her overall experience with me, she shared one word: “Excellent.” 

I asked her to reflect on some of our biggest wins together, and she said, “In addition to fabulous local press, Meg was able to get us on live from our start line for 5 minutes on Fox National Weather News. It has been many years since one of our events was captured on the front page of the largest newspaper in the county and positioned above the fold….She was able to recruit interest from all aspects of traditional media and social media.”

Kathy was thrilled with my media savvy, saying, “Meg has a clear understanding of what the media needs in order to be willing to provide coverage. Her content was strong with a professional presentation. Her timeliness and willingness to update her contacts were critical. The summary information we received following the event was the best. It was thorough and easy to share.”

Kathy felt that my services provided incredible value for the price and noted that my professionalism, presentation, effectiveness, and extensive contact list really stood out to her during our engagement.

Kathy offered me the greatest compliment I can receive when she shared, “I would recommend Meg to other race directors. In order for our sport to grow strong, we still need to be able to write and sell the story. It has been sad to watch the sport diminish the value of the storytellers.”

Luckily, Kathy’s personal experience matched the data. Our final numbers were:

  • Over 70 pieces of press coverage
  • An estimated 1 million views of those stories
  • 1400 shares of those stories on social media
  • Nearly 30 backlinks to our website in those stories

You can check out the full report here.

Kathy, thank you again for your trust. This year, your spectacular event returned for the first time since the pandemic began. It was also my return to representing events after a tough year for our industry. We really came back with a bang, and I couldn’t be more proud of what we accomplished together.

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